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Studies by historians estimate that the first human settlements in Cyprus date back to 10000 BC. The geography of the Middle East has a unique historical, natural and cultural texture, and geography is the projection of ancient civilizations.

CISSE was born with enthusiasm from these lands. CISSE set out to explore this unique land, be a part of its culture, and carry its energy to the international arena.

It will reach the other end of the world from this oldest geography of human history with courses, seminars and training activities, each of which will be given by educators who are experts in their fields. And many educators will reach that geography from another corner of the world and conduct studies in the social sciences field.

Regardless of location, wherever you are, there is now CISSE for a working system that will only focus on education with a network that will reach all parts of the world. Our goals are oversized, our horizons are expansive, and our wings are on their way to the route we have drawn.

Meet with online education now. Let's work together in every field of social sciences. Let's research, write, produce and reproduce. Let's learn new languages, and gain different perspectives with expert teachers.

CISSE is an online international education organization founded in Canada-Ontario. The certificates you will receive at the end of the classes will allow you to share what you have learned you want, whether you use it for business or share it on social media platforms. 
You can attend courses in many areas such as law, politics, and foreign languages for short and extended periods, buy individually and register, or increase your knowledge by participating in classes and taking longer-term package programs. 

From the rich historical past of Cyprus, from the wisdom of BC history to the present in CISSE's logo...

We are here; we came to bring you yesterday and today.

Now is the time for online education for our future.



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Our Values

Student Oriented

Special courses and programs are prepared in line with the needs of the students. The goal is for the student to reach knowledge in their desired field. In-service training programs and target courses are organized for companies and schools. Maybe you need not only coursework but also academic support. CISSE is there for your academic success. We are ready to assist you in every field.

Affordable Price

Our goal is for you to learn. For this reason, course fees have been determined with students in mind. So it is pretty economical. In addition, we offer special discounts, free materials, and convenience for transitioning to a package program for students who have attended CISSE courses once. Discover all affordable training programs now.

Access to Information is Unlimited

Contact us for all kinds of course requests in the field of social sciences. Are you preparing for university or civil service exams, are in a faculty of law, education, communication or other social sciences, and need urgent help. Or do you require detailed information or a report on a subject and your limited time? Maybe you want special in-service training courses for your employees in your business, make sure to contact us, and we will produce the solutions you wish together.

Excellent communication

You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our social media channels are always ready to answer your questions. If you want to ask something urgently, call and let's talk. If you want detailed information, send us an e-mail, and we will answer all your questions. What matters is your needs.

Expert team

All CISSE courses are made up of teachers who are experts in their field with academic or previous work experience. Law school academics, ex-judges and lawyers; teachers who graduated from these fields of language courses; business people in important positions in business life give courses in economy, politics and all other areas.

Dalgalı 3D Net
Dalgalı 3D Net

Certified Courses

All courses at CISSE are certified and included in the course fee. At the end of the course, you will not be charged an additional fee for the online certificate.

When you complete any of CISSE's short and long programs, you are entitled to a school and teacher signed certificate. Depending on your request. In addition to your certificate, a course schedule including the topics you learned in the course is also attached.

Share on Social Media

CISSE certificates are available for online sharing. If you wish, add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile or share it on any other social media. All certificates are sent to you as a PDF at the end of the course. We can also send your printed certificate to your address, depending on your request.

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In which country is CISSE registered?

With its short name, CISSE (Cyprus International Social Sciences Education) is registered in Ontario, Canada, as an educational institution. The CISSE address will appear as Canada on the certificates you receive.

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